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Applying to CMCS

What is a Magnet School?

Magnet Programs are court-ordered voluntary integration opportunities available to students in grads K-12 living within the LAUSD. Transportation is provided for students who live more than 2 miles from the school. All LAUSD District students, including English Learners, Special Education and Gifted/Talented are encouraged to apply. If a student is continuing in the same magnet program at the same school next year, no new application is necessary. Conversely, if the child’s name was on the waiting list last year, a new application must be submitted to be eligible for selection.


And the school is a Charter School as well?

Yes. Our school is both a magnet and a charter. Three years ago, our school wrote a charter that was approved by Los Angeles Unified School district which allowed Community to become an affiliated charter. The charter allows our school flexibility in many areas of school management (budget, staff selection) as well as school site control over curriculum selections and school-based enrichment. The charter is not a separate school. It is only a document that dictates how our school is managed.


Application Process

Admission to our school is through E-Choices or the CHOICES Brochure only. There is not a separate application/admission to the charter. In early November the District publishes the CHOICES Brochure. This is the application that must be used to apply to Community Magnet School. The CHOICES Brochure is mailed to the parent of each child that is currently enrolled in LAUSD via US mail during the 2nd week of November. Applications for incoming Kindergarteners and students attending private schools are available at our school as well as any other LAUSD school after the 2nd week of November. All Applications must be submitted to LAUSD prior to the deadline. This year the applications must be received by Friday, December 16, 2011.

It is vital that all information submitted on your application is accurate. You will receive Priority Points based on your home school. If your home school is overcrowded, you will receive 4 points. If your home school is PHBOA (Predominantly Hispanic, Black, Asian or Other Non-Anglo) you will receive 4 points. If you have a sibling continuing at our school, you will receive 3 points. If you have been on a magnet waiting list you will get 4 points for each year your child has been on a waiting list for up to 12 points.

On the application form, do not select REQUEST FOR PWT, or REQUEST FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL CHOICE. Please select REQUEST FOR MAGNET and use our school ID # 2741. Typically, by the end of May, the Office of Student Integration will send us a list of students who have been accepted into our school, and a ranked waiting list. You will be notified by mail whether your child is on our active list or our waiting list. We try to fill all of our fall spots prior to leaving for summer vacation.



Click here to apply online.

Log on to  to register and/or create a log in so that you can fill out an online application. Applications will be accepted November 1st thru December 16, 2011 at  5 PM. You must have your primary email address and phone number to successfully create an account. If what you have is not matching please contact Carla Cretaro at csc6721@lausd.netASAP. No applications are needed if your child is continuing at our school.


Click to download an application.



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