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Our Parents

Parent Involvement


Parents have been instrumental in developing the goals and philosophy of Community Magnet Charter since day one, when parents developed the original Community School thirty years ago, and the Community School Parent Association (CSPA) along with it.  Parents are essential partners in meeting the needs of our students. And our parents have been instrumental in working with staff to develop and manage programs that support our instructional program. Parents serve on a staff selection committee, which interviews and hires perspective teachers and staff. Curriculum and textbooks are reviewed by Community Council, which is composed of parents and staff. Parents actively participate in the instructional program by volunteering in the classrooms and as CATCH mentors.  

Community Friends and Families:  The Community Friends and Families (CFF) is a 501c3 Booster Club that also does business as The Community School Parent Association (CSPA).  The President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and 9 Regional Board members, each representing one bus route, are elected each spring for the following year. CFF Board meets monthly, and all parents and staff are encouraged to attend and participate in three full membership meetings each year. Translation is provided at all CFF meetings so that language will not be a barrier to parent involvement in the CFF fundraising efforts. Childcare is also provided.

Town Hall

Four times a year school-wide Town Hall meetings are held to share information, get input form families and highlight school programs.  The parent representatives of the Council communicate on a regular basis with the parents at their grade level through Town Hall Meetings, notices, surveys, phone calls and grade level meetings. Teacher representatives communicate on an ongoing basis with all other teachers at Faculty Meetings. Classified Representative communicates in an ongoing basis with Classified staff at monthly Classified Staff Meetings.

At the beginning of each school year, all parents are encouraged to join a parent committee at our Back-to-School Night event. Parents can sign up to be classroom helpers and volunteer to assist teachers at their request. And they are also encouraged to join one or more of the following committees:

Community Friends and Families: Parent Fundraising: This committee plans and coordinates school fundraising activities, solicits funding from the private sector for school activities and programs, and assists the Town Hall treasurer in preparing budget reports.


C.A.T.C.H.:  Caring Adults Teaching Children How: The CATCH program was started in 1995 to serve the needs of students at Community Magnet who were performing under their academic potential. The program seeks to match parents and community members with selected students who would benefit from ongoing individual attention and academic tutoring. CATCH recruits and provides training for quality volunteers who commit to mentoring a minimum of one hour per week.

African American Reading Program: Provides Saturday enrichment classes for African American students. Led by volunteers, this group provides cultural enrichment and language arts education using African-American literature.

Do Your Part:  This committee organizes room parents and classroom volunteers to supplement and assist in classroom instruction and related activities at school. This committee recruits volunteers and keeps track of volunteer hours.

Art Committee:  This group of parents works with staff to implement Community’s visual arts program. The Art Committee also plans and implements school wide art projects, such as the murals and totem poles.

Books & Beyond:  This committee sponsors many different reading and writing awareness programs throughout the year at Community, including: Read-A-Thon, Birthday Book Club, Book Pals, Grandparent’s Day, and the Used Book Drive.

Helping Hands:  Classroom volunteers assist in many ways, including: helping teachers in the classroom, tutoring students, preparing material for classroom use, and accompany children on field trips.

Grant Writing Committee:  This group seeks out and writes grants to support school programs.

Green SceneThis committee plans and organizes projects to enhance the school environment, like gardening, painting and tree planting.

Heart Beat Committee:  This committee seeks to encourage healthy lifestyles by evaluating lunch options and working with teachers on issues of physical fitness.

Library Committee:This group works to improve the school library by coordinating with the librarian to select new books, and helping with the day-to-day operations of our library.

Multicultural Committee:  This committee works to support the teachers by planning specific cultural celebrations, maintaining the Diversity Library for Teachers & Parents, and planning multicultural performances.

School Safety:  This group works to improve the safety of students and staff at our school, and works with the Assistant Principal to evaluate our Safe School Plan.

Technology Committee:  This committee oversees the implementation of our Technology Plan. They work to install software, maintain the computers in the classroom, as well as solicit donations of computer hardware.

Yearbook Committee:  Creates and sells a yearbook representing all students, K-5.